Thursday, September 16, 2010

As the sun slowly departs..........

As the sun falls down the horizon the race of life slows down .The earth receives the last passing beams of the life giving photons from the radiant sun and the whole atmosphere gets pleasingly affected by the daily but wondrous phenomenon. Beyond the clouds waiting to radiate the other part of the world the sun slowly hurries itself to hide under the horizon. A person watching the sun set gets rid of his confusions and stress of the mundane world and relishes the beauty of the fascinating drama of nature as the atmosphere gets filled with the romanticism of the setting sun. The world seems to be a silent witness of the marvel as it prepares to wait for the illumination of the darkness when the sun rises again.


  1. Very beautiful clicks! :) Kindly watermark all ur photographs. Good job! Looking fwd to more visual treat from u.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Keep up the good work. Way to go!